The fastest way to plan and distribute your event. The easiest way to stick to a schedule. No sign-ups. No emails. No registrations.   Download From GooglePlay   Download From App Store was the perfect, lightweight tool for the 4As Transformation Conference I went to, in Miami. In seconds, I was able to view the agenda for the whole event and I could set reminders for all of the panels I wanted to see. I cannot wait for the chat feature!

Evan Brandoff, CEO LeagueSide

I first used eventcast to keep track of my son's sled hockey tournament games as they were in different venues and the times changed based on the team standings. It worked so well I told other team parents and players just how fast, intuitive and easy the app made life easier - a holy trinity in my book!

Atanu Das

EventCast is a simple, mobile event planning tool CREATE EVENTS // SHARE AND SYNC SCHEDULES // CHAT LIVE


No sign-ons or registrations. No emails. No friction. Create an event immediately.


Distribute your event. Anyone can subscribe with your event's unique #HASHTAG. Changes to an event sync to all subscribers. Great for pop-up events!


One schedule to rule them all. Copy and embed code so mobile and web schedules can sync.



Once you have subscribed, you can customize the event to include only those parts that you want to attend.


EventCast's can keep subscribers on track. Your smarphone will tell you how much time you have left until the next destination and how to get there.


All subscribers can chat anonymously.

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